About me

Musician with more than one string to his bow: violin and horn, it is later on that Antoine will develop his guitar skills.

Living in Switzerland for more than ten years, he achieved his studies at the very heart of the Geneva A.M.R where he worked under the guidance of Vinz Vonlanthen and Christian Graff.

His guitar main job as well as his composing and arranging activities are with his Quintet.
But he also likes to perform with the “Nocturnes” group, led by Eric Fournier.

  • Nicolas Masson - Tenor Saxophone
  • Yohann Jacquier - Tenor Saxophone
  • Vincent Ruiz - Doublebass
  • Noé Franklé - Drums
  • Antoine Thouvenin - Guitar and composition

Follow me

2017-02-10 Branded Saloon, Brooklyn - 9:00PM (2 drinks or food minimum)
2015-02-20 Noviodonum (Nyon) - 20H30
2015-03-26 "Festival international de jazz" of A.M.R - 20h30
2014-06-29 Big stage festival of A.M.R Cropettes Geneva - 19.00
2014-08-08 "Bains des Pâquis" concert, Geneva From 6:00am til 7:00am
2014-11-10/13 "Résidence à la cave de l'A.M.R." Free entrance at 20:30

My path

Born in Nîmes, Antoine starts his musical studies at age 5 with the violin in the class of Jacques Nottelet, before starting horn lessons at 8 in the class of Guy Durand.

He will successively graduate in Montpellier Conservatoire, in the class of Marie-Laurence Rocca for the violin, and with Olivier Brouard for the horn.

His stammering with Jazz universe started at that period with the horn, when he integrated the Jazz department of Montpellier Conservatoire with François Thébèrge, Peter Giron and Pierre de Bethmann among others.

Then he leaves for Switzerland in 2000 to work with Gregory Cass at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva (HEM) before entering the class of Claudio Pontiggia in Fribourg to enhance his Jazz skills and start the guitar under the guidance of Francis Coletta.

It is at this moment that the source of his passion for Jazz and guitar occurred.

From 2007 to 2008 he will follow the Vorkurs curses of the Bern Swiss Jazz School (SJS) before leaving for Geneva to progress at the very heart of the Jazz school-association of the A.M.R.

Encountered with artists such as Maurice Magnoni, Nicolas Masson, Vinz Vonlanthen, and Christian Graff enriched his musical path.

He graduated cum laude in June 2013.
Antoine is currently studying in the Queens College of New York in the classes of Michael Mossman, Antonio Hart and David Berkman.